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How AlterLock works

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01 Auto Guard

When you leave the bike, it will automatically start watching.

02 Alarm & Smartphone Notifications

It detects the vibration of the bicycle and sounds an alarm sound and notifies the smartphone.

03 GPS tracking & communication function

Gps and communication function scan the location of the bike away.

Features of the service

Anti-Theft-Alarm anti-theft alarm
It detects that you have left the bike and automatically moves to the guard state, and the vibration detection alarm prevents theft.
LPWA Network / Long-Life Battery -{br/}}_IoT Communications
The communication standard, which realizes long-distance communication with low power consumption, enables the transmission of location information on a alterlock device alone. The battery is rechargeable and works for up to 1.5 months.
Tracking by GPS
GPS Tracking
It supports GPS, including "Michibiyaki", and obtains the location information of the bicycle equipped with the AlterLock device. It does not always track, and it is possible to track it for a long time by the mechanism which combines vibration detection.
Easy to Use
Smartphone Cooperation
With a dedicated app, you can easily work together with your smartphone and Bluetooth, and customize it to suit your usage. It will also provide useful features for cyclists.
Small, lightweight & anti-theft bolts
It is a device shape that specializes in sports bikes in small and light size. It can be worn inconspicuously between the frame and the bottle cage. The dealer provides installation services with anti-theft bolts.

How AutoGuard Works

AlterLock devices attached to your smartphone and bike are automatically connected by Bluetooth when the bike is nearby.
The AlterLock device detects that you're away from your bike and your Bluetooth connection is disconnected, and automatically moves to a "guard state."
When you return to the vicinity of the bicycle again, the guard state is released.
It is characterized by being able to watch over your car without having to operate your smartphone while cycling.
Bluetooth connection sensitivity can be adjusted from the app.
In addition, it is also possible to use the guard state manually from the app without using auto guard.

  • Auto Guard
  • Manual Guard

How vibration detection alarm works

When the AlterLock device is in a "guard state", the alarm mounted on the AlterLock device sounds when the accelerometer detects more than a certain amount of vibration.
Vibration detection sensitivity can be changed from the app.
High sensitivity detects even a little vibration, but low sensitivity does not detect it by bumping into a cycle rack to the extent that it swings, and it detects it with a shock that drops it down to the ground.
You cannot change the alarm volume, but you can change the alarm ring time between 5 and 120 seconds.
You can also turn off the alarm.

How notifications are made to smartphones

Notifications to smartphones after vibration detection are carried out via the route of AlterLock devices, Sigfox networks, internet, and smartphones.
AlterLock devices use Sigfox, a communication standard for IoT, so you can communicate alone.
However, if your phone is connected to Bluetooth, bluetooth will communicate.
Therefore, manual guard can be used even outside sigfox's service area.
You'll be notified in seconds from vibration detection, so if your car is abnormal, you can rush in right away.
Notifications utilize the push notification mechanism of iOS and Android.

How GPS Tracking Works

AlterLock devices use high-precision GPS modules to identify location information by receiving radio waves from GPS satellites.
Gps consumes relatively large power consumption, so it does not always work and starts operation when vibration is detected in a guard state.
Positioning takes time, so only notifications are given priority when the first vibration is detected, and location information may be notified later.

How long-term operation works

Gps does not normally work and uses only low-power Bluetooth, so it can run for up to 1.5 months on a single charge.
When it comes to the guard state, the location information is acquired and transmitted every time vibration is detected. After sending, you can sleep for a few minutes to track it for a long time.

Compare with Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers

AlterLockBluetooth TrackerTracker
Vibration detection alarm × ××
Notification to smartphone ×
GPS tracking after theft
Constant GPS tracking ××× ●
Battery life ● ××
The size of the device
Mounting on road bikes ×

* Comparison with general products.

Differences from Bluetooth trackers

Bluetooth trackers use your phone's location to track your device. It is very lightweight and low power consumption, and is suitable for searching for lost items at close range.
AlterLock is equipped with a single communication function and GPS, so you can track anywhere in the communication area.

Differences from GPS trackers

GPS trackers are good for tracking your route because you get your location frequently. GPS consumes a lot of power, and the drive time is large for about a few tens of hours.
AlterLock uses GPS in conjunction with the accelerometer only in the event of theft, allowing for weeks of tracking.

Features of dedicated apps (iOS/Android support)

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  • Work with the device to watch over your car.
  • You can record the maintenance of your car.
  • You can get the latest bike news at any time.
  • Easy access to services that you can find on cycling trails.
  • You can record the security registration number and the vehicle body number, so you can notify them immediately.
  • The exact time and place is recorded.
  • It is also useful when spreading information on social networks.

You can download apps for iOS and Android for free from the link below.

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※1. Compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 10 or higher smartphones compatible with BLE
※2. On some Android devices, even supported operating systems may not work.
For more information, seeAlterLock's smartphone operation check status.

List of app features

Adjust vibration detection the latest
Bicycle Profile Registration Record maintenance information
Autoguard on and off Autoguard sensitivity adjustments
Change alarm on, off, and ring ing timesensitivity
Notification on and off when vibration detection displays location information during tracking
Compatible with multiple bicycles Alarm off at the time of smartphone low battery
Support search calls via SNS Accessnews
Access cycling course search service

Other useful features for cyclists will be provided

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