AlterLock CycleGuardService

About the device settings

Try to set up the AlterLock device close to the device.


Set whether or not the AlterLock device itself sounds an alarm when it detects vibration.

It is recommended to turn off the alarm sound if you do not want it to sound. Even if you turn off the alarm, notifications and tracking will still work.
*If you only want to turn off notifications, go to the "Control" tab on the main screen and turn off "Notification".

Alarm Duration

The alarm sound duration of the AlterLock device itself can be set between 5 seconds and 60 seconds in 5 second increments.

First Warning Sound

Set whether or not to sound a low volume alarm sound at the first vibration detection after a locked state.
If you turn it off, a maximum volume alarm sound will be sounded the first time.

It is recommended to turn it on in areas where shocks are likely to occur due to factors other than theft and where you do not want a loud alarm to sound.

Alarm Limit

Set the number of times the alarm will sound after a locked state until the first vibration is detected.
When set to 1-3 times, the alarm will not sound and only the tracking function will sound after that number of times.
If set to unlimited, the alarm will sound at each vibration detection.

If you prefer the possibility of tracking rather than being alerted by the sound of an alarm in case the device is taken away, turn it on.

Alarm Off Automatically

When set to On, the alarm will automatically turn off when your phone's battery falls below 10%. Also, the alarm will return to "Automatically turn on when the smartphone battery reaches 50% or more".

If your smartphone's battery is dead, you will not be able to operate the lock state, so it is recommended that you leave it on.
*If you have manually turned off the alarm, it will not automatically turn on.
*This function works only during Bluetooth connection.

Vibration Detection Interval

It is possible to set up a waiting time from the time vibration is detected and notification is completed until the next vibration detection is activated.
*There will be no standby time until the second vibration is detected.

Shortening the interval will make it easier to track the movement, but will increase the battery consumption during tracking.
If you want to prioritize the trackable period, set a longer interval. Even if you set a longer interval, the accuracy of the final location will not be affected due to AlterLock's unique positioning method.

Periodic Transmission Interval

Set the interval when periodic transmissions are turned on in the main screen.

Periodic transmissions should not be turned on all the time, as this will consume more battery power and reduce the uptime.

Low Battery Notification

Your smartphone will be notified when the battery in your AlterLock device is low.

*Notifications are only available during Bluetooth connection.

Release Device

It is possible to release the AlterLock device registered to your smartphone.
The released device can be used again by performing the registration operation.

*If connection to the AlterLock device is disabled, you can "Forced Release".
Since the device may behave unexpectedly if you forced release the device, please do not normally do so.

Device Information

The device ID and firmware version will be displayed.

If the latest firmware is present, you can update the firmware.
Updating the firmware will take about a minute on iOS and about two minutes on Android.