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What Is AlterLock? - Part 3 Interference detection and notification functions

Hi, my name is Toru and I’m in charge of marketing at AlterLock.

In this third post, I’d like to introduce one of AlterLock’s main functions: interference detection and smartphone notification. (You can find the previous post in the series at
Let’s take a quick look.

Switching lock mode on or off

There are two ways to switch lock mode on or off.

The first way is to do it from the top screen here. Tap Unlock at the bottom of the screen to switch lock mode on or off.

The second way is here.

When your smartphone is connected to the device through Bluetooth and within a certain range of the device, you can press the device button to switch lock mode on or off.

This can be very useful if you’re in a situation where you don’t want to get your smartphone out—for instance, if you’re in a hurry or wearing gloves.

The range for operating this button can be set by the app on the screen below. The recommended range is about 50 cm.

Interference detection

If the device detects your bike is being interfered with while in lock mode, an alarm sounds and a notification is sent to your smartphone.

The sensitivity of interference detection can be set to one of three levels as described in the previous post.

The Low setting is effective if your bike is in a rack with a number of other bikes and yours might get bumped when a neighboring bike is taken from the rack. The system will not react to a horizontal movement but will sound an alarm if your bike is lowered to the ground, even if it’s lowered slowly.

The default setting is for the alarm to go off the third time interference with your bike is detected, after which only tracking is performed.

There are two types of alarm: a relatively quiet alarm the first time interference is detected and a loud alarm for subsequent interference. You can change the duration and frequency of the alarm in the Alarm section on the Device Settings screen.

Of course, you can also turn off the alarm and only use the tracking function. In that case, you’ll still receive a notification on your smartphone if interference with your bike is detected.

Smartphone notification

If interference with your bike is detected in lock mode, a notification like this appears on your smartphone. You should get to your bike as soon as possible to make sure it’s all right.

If the worst happens and your bike is stolen, the system will switch to tracking mode. I’ll explain more about this in the next post. Stay tuned!