AlterLock CycleGuardService

Android app (2.2.13) is now available!

The Android version of the app (2.2.13) with the following updates was released on September 6.

It will be distributed sequentially over the next two weeks, so if you haven't received it yet, please wait a while.

  • Improvement of some display messages
  • Changed the setting method of the application notification sound (supports vibration and silent)
  • Improved the display of the device settings screen
  • Abolished the setting of "waiting time after detection".
  • Fixed minor bugs.

About the change of the setting method of the notification sound

Until now, the theft detection notification sound on AlterLock devices followed the Android alarm volume and did not support vibration settings or silent mode on some smartphone models.
App version 2.2.13 or later will follow Android's ringtone and notification sound settings.
Please check the volume setting of your smartphone, as you can set the ringtone/notification sound to vibrate only or silent.

Abolition of the "waiting time after detection" setting

For Gen2 devices, there is little positive effect from changing this setting, so it has been discontinued.
Gen2 devices are set to the shortest standby time by default, but power savings are achieved by optimizing the timing of location information acquisition.
If you have already changed the settings and want to restore the set values, please deactivate and re-register the device.

If you have not yet renewed your subscription, you can do so from the link below.

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