Periodic Transmission

Using Periodic Transmission with AlterLock Gen2

Periodic transmission is a feature that has been requested by many users to improve the security of AlterLock devices.

Usage scenarios for periodic transmission

The following usage scenarios are assumed.

  • I am worried about parking my bike outdoors for a long time, so I would like to know the location information periodically even when no abnormality is detected.
  • I deliver my bike and I want to get location data periodically.
  • I want to check the communication status of AlterLock device.

Periodic transmission behavior

  • When Periodic transmission is enabled, location information is periodically located and sent even when no abnormality is detected, regardless of the locked/unlocked status.
  • The operation interval can be set from the device settings.
  • Even during the operation of periodic transmission, alarm and tracking operation by abnormality detection take priority in case of lock status.
  • You can check the history of the location information from Location Info on the main screen.

Periodic Transmission Interval

The interval for periodic transmissions can be set between 30 and 360 minutes in the device settings.

About battery consumption

Location information acquisition consumes a lot of power, so enabling periodic transmission for a long period of time will reduce the device’s uptime.
We recommend that you enable it only when necessary, or set the interval to at least 180 minutes.

The approximate operating time of the fully charged device in each state is as follows:

StateOperating time
No Periodic Transmission35-45 days
Periodic Transmission (60 minutes)7-15 days
Periodic Transmissions (180 mins)16-28 days