How AlterLock Gen3 works

We will introduce in detail the mechanism of Gen3, which has evolved significantly from Gen2.

Motion detection alarm for peace of mind

When the device detects movement, a loud alarm sounds up to 95 dB to deter theft.
The first detection will sound a warning tone for 10 seconds, and the second and subsequent detections will sound a loud alarm.

Sensitivity level adjustment

The detection sensitivity can be adjusted in three levels: “High”, “Middle”, and “Low”.
“High” detects the slightest movement or even a little tilt. “Middle” and “Low” are less sensitive than ‘High’ and ‘Low’. When a bicycle is registered, selecting “Low” will optimize the sensitivity to the bike rack and allow for a slight side-to-side sway due to wind or neighbors.

Alarm settings

The loud alarm has three sound patterns to choose from.
The alarm sound can be set to sound for a duration of 5 to 60 seconds, so it will not go off continuously. If the alarm goes off accidentally, unlocking the device will stop it immediately.
It is also possible to turn off the warning and alarm sounds.
After the alarm has sounded a certain number of times, AlterLock will start tracking the location silently without sounding an alarm any further.

Evolved transmission performance

The device connects via Bluetooth when the owner’s smartphone is nearby and in case owner is outside of Bluetooth range, AlterLock sends notifications and location information to the app via LTE-M or NB-IoT communication over long distances.
Compared to previous Gen2 model, transmission performance has been greatly improved, enabling communication in a wider range of areas around the world.

What is LTE-M / NB-IoT?

LTE-M/ NB-IoT are telecommunication standard developed to enable global IoT communications based on LTE (4G), which is a popular mobile communication network worldwide and still is in this 5G era.
Both LTE-M and NB-IoT are designed for low power consumption and long distance communication for various types of electronic devices.
Since they are based on LTE, the communication area is expected to be comparable to that of cellular phones coverage.
AlterLock Gen3 supports both LTE-M and NB-IoT communication standards to enable transmission on a global scale.

Periodic transmission

AlterLock periodically acquires location information and transmits data regardless of the lock status.
The periodic transmission interval can be set from 6 to 24 hours.
Even If the user forget to set the device in lock mode, the possibility of not being able to trace stole asset is reduced by periodic transmission feature.

Improved tracking performance

In the unfortunate event that the device is stolen or in regular periodic transmission, AlterLock will use multiple positioning methods to acquire location information.
By receiving signals from GNSS (GPS & Galileo), Wi-Fi, and 4G base stations, AlterLock Gen3 attempts to locate the final point even in environments where positioning by GPS alone is difficult.
AlterLock Gen3 has managed to shorten the position acquisition time by enhancing the algorithm while reducing power consumption, thus enhancing the device run time by almost twice that of Gen2.

Difference between Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth trackers, such as AirTag and Tile, are designed to prevent loss, and since they do not have GPS or other positioning capabilities, they can only provide location information when a compatible smartphone is nearby.
In addition, since there is no stand-alone communication function, there is no notification function when the device is out of Bluetooth range.
Unlike the limited Bluetooth tracker, AlterLock has stand-alone positioning and communication capabilities, so it can send notifications and track device location no matter how far away.

When can it be used?

Breaks during ride
Long distance ride
When/where parking is uncomfortable

I’m worried about taking my eyes off the bike for even a short period of time
Can’t stop anywhere on a solo ride
There is a café that interests me, but I can’t see my bike from inside the store, so I give up.
I can’t relax during breaks because I’m worried about my bike
I’m worried about my bike even at the place where I’m staying while touring
I want to be aware of anything in my garage at home

Benefits of AlterLock

Comfort of monitoring with the App

If you parked your bike in a place out of sight, you may have been anxious for the safety of your bike until you came back to it.
With AlterLock, you can check the presence of your car from the app.

Peace of mind through theft deterrence

The sound of the alarm alerts the offender and deters theft.
Many criminals repeat their thefts because they believe that the risk of being caught is low.
Therefore, they tend to avoid risky behavior.


GPS / Wi-Fi positioning and LTE-M / NB-IoT transmission tracking functions track your bike wherever it goes.
Even if you forget to set the App lock to ON, AlterLock will transmit the location of your bike for a long period of time through periodic transmission.

Small and lightweight

The device weight is about 50g, which is comparable to a small cycle computer. Since it is sandwiched between the bottle cage and the bike frame, aero performance is not largely affected.

Water and dust resistance

The waterproof and dustproof performance is IP66 which means there is no problem even if you wash your bike while the device is attached to your bike. The housing structure has been greatly improved to enhance waterproof performance and durability for Gen3.

Long run time

By reducing power consumption through advanced programming, Gen3 achieves up to 3 months of run time, which is approximately twice as long as the previous Gen2 model. The charging port uses USB Type-C.

Security bolts

A security bolt (which is difficult to remove with standard tools) and wrench are included by default for mounting to the bottle cage mount。

Crash detection

Touring in the mountains or riding alone in the suburbs takes you to an environment where you can get away from your daily routine. But are you prepared for an accident?

AlterLock Gen3 has a crash detection function for bicycle and motorcycle accidents. When a major impact and sudden fall is detected, a SMS with location information is sent to a pre-registered emergency contact.

Accident detection works by the following mechanism

  1. Crash detection
    When the device detects a major impact and a sudden fall, AlterLock will sound a beeping alarm for 10 seconds.
  2. Notification to emergency contact
    AlterLock will sends a SMS requesting assistance to a designated emergency contact after location data is acquired.
  3. Cancellation of crash detection
    You can cancel SMS transmission by pushing the physical button within 30 seconds of crash detection alarm.

*This function does not guarantee detection and notification of all accidents.
*False detection may occur in driving environments with severe vibration.
*Notification to emergency contacts requires that the device is within a radio environment where telecommunication is possible.

Product Dimensions

Installation Image

Attach AlterLock to the bottle cage mount on the bicycle frame. By attaching it together with the bottle cage, the main unit becomes inconspicuous. The flat shape of AlterLock allows it to be mounted on most frames and bottle cages without interference.
If your bicycle do not have a bottle cage mount, please consider using a commercially available bottle cage adapter.

There is no specified location for using AlterLock with motorcycle. We recommend storing AlterLock in the tool box space, under the seat, or inside the cowl by securing it tightly to the motorcycle with hardware. We also recommend contacting your regular motorcycle mechanic for professional assistance.
As with bicycles, it may be mounted around the handlebars, etc., using bottle cage adapters but make sure it is out of harms way to avoid bodily injuries in case of accidents.

*Avoid locations that are subject to high temperatures, such as near the engine or exhaust pipes.
*Avoid installing AlterLock where it may cause injury or bodily harm.
*Please install the product so that it will not bergrounded to metal-covered areas or large metal surfaces for maximum data transmission strength.