Advanced Settings

Learn more about the advanced settings of AlterLock Gen3.



You can set whether or not the AlterLock device will sound an alarm when motion is detected.
You can also choose to use a low volume warning sound for the initial detection after locking.

First warning sound and loud alarmThe first detection after locking will sound a 10-second warning sound, followed by a loud alarm from the second detection.
Loud alarm onlyA loud alarm sounds from the first detection without warning sound.
No warning or alarm sound.Does not sound an alarm upon detection. Only notification to the app and location tracking are performed.

Alarm Sound

Three types of loud alarm patterns to choose from.
To test out the alarm sound, tap the Test button. The selected alarm tone will sound for 5 seconds.

Alarm Duration

The alarm sounding time can be set between 5 to 60 seconds in 5 seconds interval.
*Notwithstanding this setting, the initial warning tone is always 10 seconds by default.

Alarm Limit

If the number of detections after locking exceeds the set number of times, only location tracking is performed without sounding an alarm any further.
If set to between 1-3 alarms, the device will only perform the location tracking function without sounding an alarm when the set number of times is exceeded.
When set to unlimited, an alarm will sound each time a detection is made.
*The number of times includes the first warning sound.

For example, if the alarm limit is set to three alarms, it works as follows
1st time: initial warning sound, 2nd time: alarm sound, 3rd time: alarm sound, 4th and subsequent times: tracking only

Alarm restrictions may increase the likelihood of tracking your vehicle unnoticed by the perpetrator in the event of theft.

Alarm Off Automatically

Alarms are controlled according to the remaining battery level of the smartphone.
When enabled, it works as follows:

  • Battery below 10%: Alarm automatically turns off
  • Battery over 50%: return to original alarm settings

*This function works only when the device is connected via Bluetooth.

Mobile Communication

The mobile communication function is automatically activated when you sign up for the service.
Receive notifications and track your location outside of Bluetooth range via LTE-M / NB IoT communication.
*Mobile communication is enabled by registering the device or changing the device to a locked status after signing up for the service.

Periodic Transmission Interval

Periodically transmit device location information via mobile communications.
Communication intervals can be selected from 6, 12, and 24 hours.
*Lengthening the communication interval increases the operating time of the device.

Notifications and System Sounds

Notification on Detection

Notify your smartphone when the device detects motion.
It is recommended that it be turned on at all times so that you can be informed immediately in the event of theft or other unusual circumstances.

Low Battery Notification

Notifies the smartphone when the device’s battery is running low.
This function operates while the device is connected via Bluetooth.

System Sound

System sound can be set on/off when locking/unlocking. The system sound beeps once when locking and twice when unlocking.

Crash Detection

Crash Detection

When enabled, the Crash Detection feature sends a short message with location information to a specified emergency contact when significant impact and fall are detected.
Emergency contact must be set up in advance in order for this function to work properly.

Emergency Contact

Set the information for emergency contact.

  • Emergency contact phone number and country information
  • Name to be displayed in emergency contact messages


Device Information

You can check the device ID and firmware version.
The device name registered as a Bluetooth device on the smartphone is <AlterLock3-deviceID>.

Firmware Update

It is possible to update to the latest firmware or reinstall firmware.
The settings are maintained even if the firmware is updated to the newest version.
Updating the firmware takes about one to two minutes.

Button Sensitivity

Adjust the sensitivity of the lock/unlock action by the physical button on the device.
Sensitivity is based on the Bluetooth signal strength between the smartphone and the device.

Bluetooth signal strength varies depending on the smartphone model and operating environment.
Signal strength is reduced when the smartphone is placed in a pocket.
If the button do not respond well in the actual usage environment, setting the sensitivity level lower may allow the device to respond even when the smartphone’s Bluetooth signal is weak.
After changing the settings, please check in the actual operating environment.

Auto-lock Sensitivity

Adjust the range and sensitivity of the automatic lock/unlock function.
Sensitivity is based on the Bluetooth signal strength between the smartphone and the device.

If the device locks while driving, setting the sensitivity level lower may will prevent it from being activated unintentionally. Even if you set it to the highest setting, it will lock when Bluetooth is disconnected.


Resets all device settings to their default values. The connection to the device is maintained.


Shutdown the device. To start the device, press and hold the button on the side of the device for 3 seconds.
For security reasons, shutdown can not be performed by operating the main unit button. Please shut down via the app.

Release Device

Unregister the AlterLock devices registered on your smartphone.
Devices can be re-registered and used again on the same or another smartphone.

For iPhones, after deactivating the device, please also deactivate pairing with AlterLock from the Bluetooth settings in iOS.

If the Bluetooth connection to the AlterLock device is no longer available, it can be forcibly disconnected.
To re-register a device that has been forcibly deactivated, perform a factory reset.